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Support and love

The illustration means so much to us as an organisation as it vividly represents everything we are trying to achieve - healthy parents and healthy children who are connected and fulfilled. From an aesthetic point of view, the image is so soothing and pleasant to look at and really strikes an emotional chord. This illustration will take pride of place in our Parents' Space to remind parents that while things might be difficult in the present moment, with support and love they will move beyond their struggles and into healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Being part of the community means being part of something bigger than us. It is creating a community not just for us but for the people we support. represents a commitment to creating real change for families from across the UK, to ensuring that they have the best start, the best support, and that this is delivered by passionate, empathic people who put the needs of the families at the centre of everything.

Words from Michelle Bradley, Founder and Chief Executive, The Parent Rooms.

Illustration by Line Hachem


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