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Our big cities are amazing. They're full of history, culture and people from all over the world. But as our modern world moves at breakneck speed, our cities can also leave us feeling anonymous, disconnected, isolated and lonely. Too many people have little social contact at all, spending far too much time alone, behind closed doors, cut off the world around them.  

The Cares Family exists to build community and connection. For ten years, we have brought older and younger neighbours together through group social clubs like dance parties, new technology workshops, 'Desert Island Discs' nights, history clubs and more. And we've connected neighbours for friendship one-to-one, helping to bring some of the outside world in for people who can struggle to get out. This is help in the moments that matter - for those who are lonely, a friendly face, a cheerful group of people happy to see them, can make all the difference.

The Cares Family is more than just a name – we really are a family. With activities that focus on helping people to feel seen, to 'own' their community together, and to belong, participants say they feel happier, closer to the people around them, and 'part of something bigger' than their own lives' because of being part of it.

Alex Smith, Founder

We have seen the very real difference this work has made, and we are leading new programmes to spur a much bigger ripple of connection across the UK, sharing our model with other organisations, so they can connect people, young and old, across their communities, too. This way, we can bring more new families together and all the benefits that flow from connection, from conversation, from all that can be shared and gained over a simple cup of tea.  

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