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Our mission is simple. We fund organisations that support children and families who face difficult days. We also celebrate the unsung heroes who selflessly and diligently make this happen. 


Right now, across the United Kingdom, small charities are delivering help, encouragement and support to people who are often beside themselves with worry, shame or fear. These organisations have battled on, through the pandemic, through falling income, through many difficulties, because their communities need them. 


We support these organisations, recognising the profound but straightforward significance of what they do in service to others. We do this through grants and by sharing their work. 


Our focus is on organisations that work with families and children who face immediate practical challenges — like putting food on the table, providing a safe place to live or help with health challenges or essential supplies. These organisations are there, ready to step in with miracles for people who need a hand and do not feel alone.  


It is not only what they do, but how they do it that matters. These organisations hold respect for those they serve at the heart of everything they do. 


This attitude matters and their welcome for all who arrive through their doors are warm, non-judgemental and kind.


This combination of respect and help goes a long way to make people feel better, stronger and prepared to take the next step. This is why we are here and why we fund in the way we do. 

Over the next year, we will find ten organisations in the UK that provide relief and support. Our portfolio will be diverse, reaching across many communities.


As our resources are limited we unfortunately cannot respond to unsolicited applications. 

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