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candlelighters-large.png is supporting Candlelighters, a charity based in Leeds that is there for children going through cancer treatment and their families. 

We love their approach - this is a charity with a big heart, one that provides practical and emotional support from day one. From providing Play Therapists on the ward at the hospital, to accommodation for parents, financial support and so much more, Candlelighters is there in the moments that matter most. 

Meet our new friends Emily and Tom, two colleagues at Candlelighters, who will give you a glimpse of why Candlelighters caught our eye and why it is so special. 

Emily Wragg, Candlelighters CEO

I was welcomed into the incredible Candlelighters family over 5 years ago. In that moment I knew that Candlelighters was special in every sense; I could feel every inch of love and support that made this family so unique.

I know that the overwhelming sense of togetherness I feel when I am surrounded by all of the incredible people who are involved in supporting families affected by childhood cancer across Yorkshire will never fade, it really is such a special place to be.  

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When a family receives the news that their child has cancer, their lives are turned upside down in an instant and everything changes….forever. At Candlelighters, we stand shoulder to shoulder with families, we bring them into our family and make sure they do not face things alone, everything we do is with and for families.


I am in awe of the strength, courage and determination families find during their darkest of times; the kindness and support they show to others on a similar journey is beyond inspirational.


The true value of being able to connect families and support them on a very personal level is invaluable and provides the crucial support they need during what is the most difficult time of their lives.   


At Candlelighters we support families for life, providing emotional, practical and financial support as well as investing in vital research to improve the lives and outcomes of children with cancer. The amazing people who help us to raise the funds to be able to do this are simply wonderful and I am constantly blow away by their generosity and kindness.


I am so proud to be part of the Candlelighters family where we have one goal; to bring light and hope to every family affected by childhood cancer. 

Tom Robertshaw, Head of Fundraising, Candlelighters

I have worked for charities as a fundraiser ever since I graduated in 2009 and in 2019, ten years on from starting my fundraising journey, I joined the team at Candlelighters.


Becoming part of the family was a very special moment for me as my family had been personally supported by this wonderful charity and so this gave me a unique opportunity to use my skills to help a cause very close to my heart.

Since joining Candlelighters, I continue to be astounded by how much we do to support the children and their families. This is one of the many things that makes Candlelighters so unique, as not only are there many ways in which we support families emotionally, practically and financially, but we also invest heavily in research to improve the outcomes and lives of children with cancer.


This incredibly diverse and in depth support makes a huge difference to the lives of these families and as a result, we experience generosity in lots of different ways as people want to give back and say thank you, or like, want to get involved to ensure we are able to continue supporting these families through such challenging times. Every day I am privileged to help provide people a platform to support Candlelighters and bring light and hope to children and families affected by childhood cancer.

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