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Kindred spirit

Ajaz Ahmed and Nicola Brentnall first met when they worked together at The Prince's Trust during the 90's when Ajaz was a Trustee, and Nicola was Company Secretary. They had a shared interest in the achievements of young people against the odds, and in particular, their willingness to support each other, often in the face of substantial personal adversity.

This magic and generosity inspired Nicola and Ajaz to do the work they did at The Prince's Trust and to stand up for all the great things young people have to offer when given a chance.

2016 was a year that saw Nicola and Ajaz collaborate again to help bring The Queen's Commonwealth Trust to life. The Queen's Commonwealth Trust is an organisation that champions, funds, and connects young leaders who work hard every day to provide practical support for others, often lifting communities out of poverty and bringing hope and dignity to many thousands.

Nicola and Ajaz found common threads running through the work of all the young people they encountered, threads that echoed what they discovered at The Prince's Trust. They found respect, courage, compassion, a clear belief that things could be better, and a tireless drive to help other people, no matter what. A mutual friend identified these qualities as the “nobility of spirit”. It is this nobility of spirit that exists to celebrate and support.

“No one has ever become poor by giving,” said Anne Frank.

And giving now is needed more than ever. The pandemic has shown us the true meaning of interdependency. We can be there for one another in all sorts of ways. This is not a burden, it is a blessing. There is meaning to be found in giving time and support to others. supports those who make miracles happen for other people and provides funds to help them keep their doors open and the provision of their services.


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