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Life changing youth work

OnSide Youth Zones are state of the art youth centres that offer children and young people safe and inspirational places to go in their leisure time. For just 50p a session, young members can enjoy a range of fun activities every day, the support of excellent youth workers and a nourishing hot meal for just £1. In the cost-of-living crisis, where parents and carers are facing real challenges, these centres are a lifeline. Currently, OnSide supports 50,000 young people a year and the number is growing all the time.

Artwork by Emma Shen.

Emma said "The most important part of OnSide to me are the children. With the platform provided by OnSide, the children are re-discovering who they are and fulfilling their dreams in a safe place, while being surrounded by friends and making new connections, and having access to all the equipments, musical instruments and art supply. One of my best friends grew up with no access to something like OnSide, and the helplessness and loneliness has stayed with her all her life. I felt really sorry about it and working on this artwork for OnSide has been a really special thing for me. In hope of all the children who need help and support will be provided with what they need."


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