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Play Boxes for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been raging for 6 months. Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering and many of them are children. They have lost their homes, their possessions, their friends, and their certainty of safety. The trauma they are experiencing is difficult to comprehend. The scale of this is vast and often we may feel there is nothing meaningful we can do as individuals, to make a difference. One small thing we found we could do, is give the gift of play. has been delighted to support the Play Boxes for Ukraine Campaign, brought to us by our friends at Play Action International.

These special boxes are filled with craft items, toys and games, carefully selected and packed with love for children who have lost so much. So far, 1500 boxes have been distributed, bringing fun and laughter with them wherever they go. They lift little hearts and send a message of solidarity and friendship. Play Action International will be continuing the campaign into the Autumn, with the support of Ukrainian singer, Sofia Shkidchenko. More details can be found here.

Please join in if you can and help support more children who have seen and experienced things that no one ever should. Thank you.


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